Absorb the power that has ripened over 80 years

With this unique stone pine wood, I will produce an original, carved print of your hand.
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True stone pine wood with the experience of many years

While growing in the pristine environment, the moon wood Pinus Cembra absorbs nature's powerful energy and this energy can be passed on to you.

From the purest peaks of the Alps

Pinus Cembra grows naturally only in the high altitudes of the Austrian Alps. The wood that I work with is cut during an exact phase of the waning moon, which is when the wood is at its most stable. This is how the wood harnesses its unique relaxing power.

With the beneficial attributes

The soothing effects of stone pine are scientifically proven. The simple presence in the area of the moon wood reduces heart rate to 3,500 strokes per day, equivalent to one hour of heart activity. Limba, therefore, helps to restore the whole body.

Handmade just for you

I carve this beautiful stone pine wood based on the distinct shape of your hand - so it will be yours forever. Then you can absorb the unique power of this moon wood whenever you need it.

Aged more
than 80 years

Dimensions about
70 × 30 × 10 cm

about 10 kilograms


I can deliver your limba in about a month

And you will pamper it for your whole life. Just as I do when I make it.

You will give me your hand print

Whether it will be the hand print of yours or of someone you want to dedicate it to, simply put your hand into the modeling mass which you will receive at our personal meeting or via mail. You can also write a few words about yourself or the person for whom the piece will be created so I will be able to think about the qualities of the person I am creating the piece for.

1st step
2nd step

I start to work

First, I choose the right piece of wood and shape it. Then I carve the wood into the precise shape of your hand. I do not need anything else except for the wood. No oils or treatments are used. All I need is my chisel and the greatest concentration.

You will receive your limba

Finally, I will send the Limba to you by post or by personal delivery. The strength of it will be forever yours! The package will also include a certificate detailing the origin of the wood and a briefcase where you can keep the moon wood safe. The Limba will become an authentic part of your home.

3rd step

Why do I actually do this?

Because it's important to be able to stop, calm down your mind and relax... Take in the energy. For example, it makes it easier to return to daily routines.
I seek my strength in wood and with my own maturity and with my growing rings, I return to it more often. Repeatedly and with much greater intensity, especially after I discovered the stone pine and its miraculous properties.
I feel the real energy in it and that charges me. That's what I would like to allow others.
Libor Frank

And that's how everything started

In Austria I met Ing. Dr. Erwin Thoma, a former forester and now even a well known expert, who re-discovered the rare effects of the stone pine and often speaks about it publicly. Erwin has been providing me with wonderful moon wood from the purest alpine peaks.

„The tree contains all the wisdom of nature. It contains the vitality and fitness within itself. It was and still is my life goal to bring these qualities of the tree into the lives of the people. The strongest qualities of the tree can take effect when the wood is used in its best form, i.e. moon wood.

Libor Frank has created a shapely source of energy with which it is possible to gain the vitality of wood directly by your own hands. The presentation of the personal limba was a touching moment. Libor, thank you for your wonderful idea!“

Ing. Dr. Erwin Thoma

Dear Mr. Jiří Netík – perhaps the most skillful and internationally recognized Czech woodcarver - gave me a lot of experience how to work with wood. I thank him once again.

„Surrounded by artificial objects, toxic influences, and stress from the crowds, I feel that I am losing my freedom. I need to find ways to recharge. My forever faithful helpers are thankfully close by: stone, earth, fire, water and my greatest support - wood. It’s beauty, strength and scent.

Daily contact with wood in all its forms gives me a firm grounding in today's virtual world. And stone pine, the century-old beauty from the heights that gives me a power hard to describe, maybe even mystical. By connecting with this wood, even for just a moment, I know that I am where I belong“

Jiří Netík
Personal website

I then just joyfully started to do what I really love. You already know the rest of the story.

Would you like your own stone pine?

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Why Pinus Cembra?


Pinus Cembra naturally grows only in high altitudes of the Austrian Alps. The Austrian Alps is a very beautiful and untouched environment. Thanks to the local minerals, Pinus Cembra gains tenacity and collects a great amount of energy while it grows. Subsequently, this harnessed energy is slowly released over the years.

The unique effects of this wood are further enhanced by being cut in the most suitable conditions. During the winter moonlight when the moon wanes, the wood contracts and tightens and therefore, there is less sap. As a result, the wood does not crack nor twist and is stronger and more durable. These qualities remain for centuries. This is the so-called 'moon wood'. This technique has been understood by less technologically advanced societies for hundreds of years - for example, moon wood has been used to build the ancient temples that are still intact today.

Why is the moon wood so beneficial?


It has a beneficial effect on our body and especially on the psyche. Simply being in the presence of the Limba wood can calm and reduce heartbeat. These effects are confirmed by both old folk wisdom as well as a number of scientific studies.

For example, Austrian university professor Maximilian Moser of the Joanneum Research Institute studied the effects of Pinus Cembra moon wood on the body through a sleep study comparing cardiac and sleep rhythms when sleeping on beds made from Pinus Cembra vs regular wood. He made two identical rooms with identical-looking beds but one bed was made from pure Pinus Cembra wood and the other was made from an imitation wood. Professor Moser had the subjects sleep in each of the beds and during the night, he  measured their heartbeats and observed their sleep rhythms.. When the subjects slept in the bed made from Pinus Cembra, he measured on average 3,000 less heartbeats per night. The difference corresponds to approximately one hour of cardiac activity that the hearts saved during one night. The results also showed a prolonged phase of deep sleep, an improved sleep quality reported by the subjects, and a strengthening of the vegetative nervous system.

Incidentally, medicinal essential oils of pinus cembra have been used in medicine since ancient times. The oils can release and promote blood circulation of the air passages, help with colic, combat dizziness, tooth pain and other ailments and are used as massage oils to promote relaxation and circulation.

Where should I place My Limba and how should I use it?


It depends on you. You can keep it beside your bed, at your desk or in the living room. Or, you can hang it on the wall, as it naturally has small holes on the back of it that you could use to hang it on a hook. The Limba will delight and aromatize any space.

Keep your Limba in a place that you can easily reach so you can accept its strength when needed. You can use the Limba at a regular time, as part of your daily routine, or at particular moments when you need the calming energy.

Where exactly does the wood grow and how old is it?


The moon wood I work with comes from the Austrian Alps. More specifically, it is from the Pongau area at an altitude of more than 1,200 meters. The wood is always at least 80 years old.

How can I be sure it is really Pinus Cembra?


I guarantee the authenticity of wood. Alongside the completed block, you will receive a certificate of origin which will provide information regarding the species, its origin and the age of the wood. The certificate will display your name and will be signed by myself. The only legitimate owner of the Limba will be you or whomever you dedicate it to.

Is it necessary to take special care of limba?


Dusting. That is all! Over time, it can naturally change its color in the light but this does not affect the integrity of the wood. However, I do not recommend painting, polishing or waxing it in any way. I am careful to avoid modifying the Limba surface so that contact between you and the moon wood can be fluid and without obstacles. I recommend that it remains like this so you can receive the maximum benefits.

Is it possible to modify the shape or dimensions of the limb block?


Currently, I do not plan to carve other shapes. However, if you would like to adjust its dimensions to fit in your showcase or on your shelf, I would be happy to accommodate  your request in this way. I am limited by the tree size for the base of my work but within those limits, I can agree with you on what size is best.

How much does the Limba cost and when is the payment due?


The finished block of moon wood cost 789,- EUR. The price includes the cost of the wood  itself, the carving of your hand and the transport within the Czech Republic. There may be an additional postal charge if the Limba is being delivered internationally.

Before I start to work, it is necessary to make a 50% deposit as I will need to acquire the wood. You will pay the rest of the amount as soon as the Limba is ready for delivery. You can make the payment by bank transfer which I will provide you when we confirm the project.

What is included in the delivery?


Completed hand carving of your Pinus Cembra moon wood. It will be stored in a custom-made wooden case where you can store and transport your Limba safely. The package will also include the original certificate written to dedicate its owner - you or the person you dedicated it to.

Also included in the briefcase will be two bags filled with fine Pinus Cembra shavings that were produced while carving. You can keep the shavings with you in your pocket or purse, put them under a pillow or give them to someone. They smell beautifully and have healing effects.

The package also includes a cotton cloth designed for dusting off the Limba, screws for wall-to-wall attachment, and all the important information about your unique moon wood.

Can I dedicate the Limba to someone?


Of course! The Limba makes the perfect gift to someone you really care about. The only thing I will need to create it is the handprint of the person to whom you are dedicating it. I will send you the special substance for you to make the mold of the handprint and with the instructions for doing so.

How about the transport?


I will deliver your Limba to you by messenger. However, we can also arrange a different method of transportation. If it is possible for you, I would be pleased to meet you personally in my workshop near Prague. The cost of the transport within the Czech Republic is already included in the price.

When will I receive my Limba block?


It will depend on when I receive the form of your hand. Either we meet personally, at which time I can take the mold of your hand, or I will send you the materials for doing it yourself at home and then you can send it back to me. Once I receive the deposit and your hand print, I will start working immediately and it will be delivered to you in about 4 weeks. Throughout the production, I will be available to you - you are welcome to visit my studio or contact me with any questions.